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This weblog is a news and views site for tax professionals within the UK and international in-house tax community.  You will find information about appointments and people moves in and around the in-house tax market, issues affecting the in-house tax professional, opinions on the state of the tax job market, updates on tax technology, and other general thoughts of the day.

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This site has been developed by Simon Godley, who also runs the niche tax recruitment company Talentpool Selection . Simon spends a lot of his time placing tax specialists into FTSE companies, large in-bound groups and some professional services organisations. He also recruits and is well networked around the UK tax technology and VAT markets.

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Top reasons why 'You're Not Hired!'

Saturday, 18 August 2012

As a consumer looking to purchase an item e.g. Jeans, latest iPad, lunch from Prets, it's a fairly straight forward process - you find the object you are looking for, and then buy. Assuming the item is of the standard and quality you expected, then you're done.

However when it comes to the recruitment world e.g. wishing to recruit a tax professional for your team, or as a professional in the tax job market looking for a new position, then everything to do with the 'buy process' suddenly gets much more complex and much less predictable.

Why is this? Well, in very simple terms, it is because there are more people involved (with wants, fears and desires) and there are many many more stages of the process. And it only takes one of these many stages to not work for the whole process to fall over. A process in the recruitment world is a much more fragile, complex and sensitive chain of events than simply buying an item in the retail world.

A successful recruitment process i.e. from when a company creates a job opportunity to a person being hired is a 25-step process, and each step needs to be executed well for the process to roll forward and then result in a successful hire.  Some of these steps are quite straight forward, but some are not and are often badly handled or badly executed.

Below are a few examples of where things go wrong, resulting in someone not getting hired:
  • How serious is the company about hiring?  There may appear to be a really great job you've heard about with a highly reputable organisation.  You go to the company's website, and the job is listed in their careers section.  You apply on-line, but then hear nothing?  But you feel you're the perfect candidate?  Well, the problem is that there may be many issues happening in the background that you are not aware of.  It is possible that the recruitment process started some time ago (possibly months ago) and that the company has already interviewed several candidates before the job has been posted in the career section.  There may be an internal candidate.  Or quite simply, the job or recruitment process may have been cancelled or put on hold.  
  • Interview Preparation Preparing for an interview is absolutely essential for being successful at the interview.  You need to research the company, get a better understanding of the role (what tax experience is key, which interpersonal skills are key?), who is interviewing you, what is their background?  What style of interview will it be - general discussion around CV or competency based?  What type of candidates have they seen already?  Why didn't it work with those candidates?  Clearly you will be far better placed finding out this information from a recruiter, and one which has a close relationship with the hiring company.  Speak to them, ask them what you need to know going into the first interview.      
  • Interview Feedback This is the one step in the process which is most lacking or simply left out of a recruitment process.  If this step is done properly, it will greatly benefit both the company and the job seeking candidate.  On the company side, if constructive interview feedback is given AND the process is to move forward to a second interview, this gives the candidate chance to know what the company is thinking about them and possible reservations they have in them doing the role.  This in turn gives the candidate chance to reflect on this, and try to address these concerns at the subsequent meeting.  More discussion on this is much more likely to result in the company and candidate coming to a positive agreement, and the person being hired through a transparent process.  Alternatively, if the candidate is asked back for a second interview without any feedback from the first meeting AND the company has concerns about the candidate, then this meeting is highly likely to result in the candidate being rejected.  And to make things worse, the candidate won't know why and will feel the whole process has been a waste of time.  For a company to give constructive interview feedback, it reflects very well on the company and on their recruiting professionalism, and also lets the candidate have something to take away with them, and maybe to improve on when they are interviewing with other companies.     
  • Offer / acceptance stage This is by far the most sensitive part of the recruitment process, and there is almost no room for error.  If this stage isn't handled in the correct order of events, and / or without attention to detail, then the candidate is very unlikely to get hired.  When a remuneration offer is extended to a candidate, I believe it has to be at the right level FIRST TIME to result in success.  For the offer to be at the right level, the company has to know in detail 2 things - the exact breakdown of the candidate's current or last package AND the candidate's expectations around salary.  If a company comes in with an offer without this information, they are pretty much 'shooting in the dark' and leaving it to pure luck as to whether the candidate will accept.  This practice results in many many offers being turned down, and often leaving either the company and/or the candidate confused as to why the whole thing has fallen over after many weeks or indeed months of time invested.  
Now it may seem obvious - well, it is to me, that the vast majority of the pitfalls listed above can and will be resolved if the company and the candidate are working through a trusted and experienced recruiter, an intermediary who understands the needs of both the company and the candidate and can communicate issues or concerns between parties during the process.  

A hiring company may be concerned about using an external recruiter, largely because of the perceived high cost because of the recruitment fee for a successful placement.  But what is the cost of getting the process wrong? What is the real cost to the company of possibly some of the recruiting steps going wrong, or even these steps being repeatedly overlooked.  This will result in the candidate not being hired, and then not being with the company at a crucial time when their experience is needed for a deadline or major transaction.  What could be the cost of that?   

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posted by Simon Godley

Tax Technology Jobs - Snapshot

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Here’s a snapshot of opportunities in the tax technology market that we are recruiting for:

Role: Tax Product Specialist
Domain: Tax Accounting (IAS 12)
Location: London (with regular travel)
Approx salary range: £45,000 - £65,000 + Bens

Brief Description:
Expanding software business with high-end tax product solution has created a role for Tax Product Specialist, and seeking a tax qualified professional with detailed tax accounting knowledge applicable to large multinational groups. Great opportunity for an in-house tax accounting / reporting specialist, now looking to switch into tax software solutions.

Role: Implementations Specialist
Domain: Tax Accounting
Location: London based (with international travel)
Approx salary range: £35,000 - £50,000 + Bens

Brief description:
Very progressive and expanding business software company is searching for IT-enthused Tax Accountants who want to move into Tax-IT systems implementations for large multinational group. Great option for qualified / part-qual accountant with tax accounting / provisions knowledge who has natural flair for IT.

Role: Business Analyst (6-12 month contract)
Domain: FATCA / withholding tax
Location: London
Approx salary range: £60,000 - £75,000

Brief description:
Leading tax software business urgently seeks a tax adviser or tax compliance professional with knowledge of the FATCA / withholding taxes regimes to help form the specifications and functionality of a specialised tax return product. Seeking someone from regulatory tax environment of a bank that has become available and looking for next challenge.

Role: Director – Consultancy
Domain: Tax-IT transformations
Location: Europe (Netherlands / Switzerland)
Approx salary range: €80,000 - €120,000

Brief description:
Leading advisory firm with growing tax systems consulting practice in Europe seeks a Senior Manager / Director level candidate to win business and take a lead client project role on tax systems enhancements or full implementations of new tax solutions with large-end corporate clients. Will require tax accounting and process know-how combined with client consulting experience for success in this role.

Role: Software Implementer
Domain: VAT / Indirect Tax
Location: London
Approx salary range: £40,000 - £50,000 + Bens

Brief description:
Software organisation with leading product suite seeks a VAT Consultant to work on client implementations of VAT software. Good systems awareness (SAP / Excel / Access) in the VAT reporting context would be highly beneficial for this challenging client based role.

More information on these and other opportunities we are handling, please visit our main Talentpool Selection website.

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posted by Simon Godley

IAS / IFRS Tax Accounting experience? Please read on

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Very keen to speak with an experienced tax professional with strong insight and experience in tax accounting, particularly as it relates to large-end multinationals. This may appeal to either someone in a Big 4 / practice firm, now looking to step into a very different and entrepreneurial role, or someone from tax in industry now looking to exploit their experience in a technology business.

Please read our job profile below:

Tax Accounting experience? Switch career focus into tax systems
London | £55,000 - £75,000 + Bens, depending on experience

Our client is a top ranked software solutions provider in the finance software sector, operating in North America and across the EMEA region.  They offer a range of solutions to the corporate market for financial reporting and consolidation, as well as a high specification tax reporting solution.

A new role has been created for a tax accounting specialist to join the UK / London team as a Tax Product Specialist to assist with executing sales of the solution to corporate clients.

Reporting to a Director of the business, this role will:

Perform product demonstrations to new prospects, customers and business partners
Participate in calls to prospects to identify their business requirements and map out their current tax reporting process (under IAS / IFRS guidelines) and IT systems employed

Discuss a potential product solution to tax accounting scenarios and processes

Contribute to enhancements in demonstrations

Attending / presenting at user conferences and trade shows

In the future, and with more experience working on this type of software solution, this role will lead into providing guidance on the development of the product, especially on IFRS functionality and to assist with design discussions for client tax solutions.

To match the challenges of this specialist role, you will have a combination of the following within your background:

Qualified accountant (ACA / ACCA) with minimum 3 years of tax accounting experience in the large multinational sector

Knowledge of the tax accounting and regulatory framework of IFRS (IAS 12) and to a lesser extent US GAAP tax accounting

An ability to communicate clearly and with confidence to senior tax and finance professionals

Good problem solving skills

A genuine interest in technology, software and business systems

This role will cover the EMEA region, and will involve regular travel (with trips lasting 1-2 days each time) to locations within the UK and across Europe, and therefore a flexibility approach to travel and location will be required.

This role is open for those either looking to make a move within the permanent job market sector, or for someone who has been working in recent tax accounting contracts in commerce / industry / banking and now looking for a next interim / contract role which could then develop into a more permanent role.

All necessary IT training on the product will be provided in the early stages of this role.  This is an excellent and unique opportunity to switch your tax or tax accounting career into the technology sector and develop quickly in this growing and thriving software business.

For more information, or for a confidential discussion, please contact Simon Godley on 0870 4605646 or email:

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posted by Simon Godley

FATCA systems contract role

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Urgently seeking a tax compliance or systems professional with experience of the FATCA or US withholding tax regimes. Contract role for a 6-12 month period in London.

FATCA Manager (6-12 month contract)
London | £60,000 - £75,000

Our client is a leading business services organisation, and with a strong brand name. They urgently seek a Consultant / Manager level professional with good knowledge of the FATCA / US withholding taxes regime to step into a 6-12 month contract to cover a maternity period.

This role is to act as a business analyst on a specialised tax software product that helps to automate the withholding tax compliance process for large banks and financial services organisations.

More specifically, the role will be:

  • Working with a Senior Product Specialist and development team, analysis of client requests, and analysis of legislative changes.
  • Scoping and defining of new features and enhancements to the system.
  • Liaison with tax content advisors on tax technical issues, specifically US Withholding tax and FATCA regulations.
  • Preparation of specifications for changes and new features.
  • Liaison and support of developers during development lifecycle.
  • Ownership of system document production, control and updates.
Ideally with a tax, finance or accounting background, you will have a good appreciation of the FATCA / QI / US withholding tax rules and be able to quickly analyse and understanding legislation in this area. You will also have good client / customer consulting skills, be able to understand a client’s requirements and efficiently communicate a solution. You will also require very strong writing skills, and be able to convey complex rules in an understandable way.

This is a contract role, looking for someone that can start immediately or within the next few weeks.

Please email Simon Godley at or call 0870 46 056 46 for more information.

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posted by Simon Godley

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